Saturday Club

Waveney AF Saturday Club

Flag Football gives every child the chance to be an impact player. Kids of all sizes are throwing and catching the ball, making interceptions, pulling flags on defence and running for 50-yard touchdowns a�� all while having a good time, making friends, getting exercise and having fun!

Friendships are formed, and everybody that plays always has a positive experience.

Along with being a fun and exciting sport that can be played year round, children learn football skills while understanding the importance of maintaining good form and footwork.

Flag Football is a non-contact sport, but requires the same focus and concentration as the tackle game on every play.

Kids benefit from playing Flag Football in many ways, they learn the fundamentals of the sport and compete with other players who love the game as much as they do.

Waveney Youth Flag Football
Wolf Cubs ( 3 – 6 )
Cadet and Youth ( 7 – 17 )

Ita��s a great exercise!

Ita��s fast-paced!

Ita��s exciting!

Ita��s fun!

Ita��s COOL!


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